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Fashion Inspiration From Grazia | AD

Fashion Inspiration From Grazia | AD

grazia fashion magazine inspiration

grazia fashion magazine inspiration

I’ve been feeling a bit unmotivated lately when it comes to fashion content, which is a bit sad for me as that was the whole reason that I started a blog, to share my outfits. So I’ve been looking to different sources of inspiration than the usual blogs and Instagram accounts that I love.

Magazines used to be my number one go-to for fashion inspiration. As a teenager I loved taking a couple of hours to sit with a new magazine, reading all the articles and admiring the editorial shoots. It was something I craved and was always excited to get a new issue. With the rise (and rise) of blogs and online content, it can be easy to forget about our once much-loved magazines. Editorial magazines still play such a key role as a media form and I’m always still inspired by them when I pick one up.

One of the things that stands out about fashion in magazines for me is that the outfits are, more often than not, quite extravagant and not something that the average person would wear out on a day-to-day basis. But this is exactly what made me fall in love with fashion all those years ago. It can be an art form and a show of self-expression. In a world of Instagram influencers all promoting the same products and brands it can be difficult to find individuality and creativity whilst browsing the latest #ootd’s.

I’ve been reading Grazia for years. The lady that I regularly house sit for has had a subscription for years and there’s something so satisfying about seeing it come through the letterbox and having a flick through with breakfast without having to leave the house.

With printed magazines on the decline, I think it’s so nice to show some support to those that are left. And what better way than with a subscription? Even a digital subscription helps to show that you enjoy the magazine, though personally, I don’t think anything can beat turning the pages of a real magazine.

Do you still read magazines regularly? I’d love to know what your favourite source of fashion inspiration is!

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