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How I’m Styling Shorts in Winter | OOTD

how i'm styling shorts in winter how i'm styling shorts in winter how i'm styling shorts in winter how i'm styling shorts in winter how i'm styling shorts in winter how i'm styling shorts in winter

This is probably my favourite way of styling shorts in winter. This was the outfit that I wore for our day exploring New Lanark. Around five years ago, I would constantly wear shorts and tights. I’ve been avoiding it a bit since because I feel like it’s quite a young outfit, I love these shorts though so I wanted to whip them out. I always think that wearing my Barbour just adds a bit of ‘grown-upness’ to an outfit. Probably because they’re typically worn by middle aged farmers.

Obviously, I wore my burgundy scarf that I’ve been obsessed with all winter. It’s such a snuggly scarf that it kept me cosy even when wearing shorts in Scotland. This would be my number one tip for styling shorts in winter. Draping it around your neck instead of wrapping it adds length to the outfit to balance out short shorts.

Wearing boots also adds some warmth (you can hide cosy socks in there!) as well as being practical when inevitable rain showers and puddles appear. I’ve had these ones for a couple of years and have recently started wearing them again. You just can’t really go wrong with black ankle boots. Go and take a look at my last outfit post for some more black boot loving.

This bolo necklace combined with the jumper makes me pretty happy. The black and silver on the black and white ?. I could probably wear this necklace all day everyday and not get bored of it. I wanted to get a real bolo tie when I was last in Texas (in 2012 I believe) but I couldn’t find one that I loved and now I finally have a lovely simple one.

There’s also a vlog from this day if you want to check out everything else we got up to!


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how i'm styling shorts in winter


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