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black suede boots outfit

black suede boots outfit black suede boots outfit black suede boots outfit

I have such a love/hate relationship with black suede boots. I adore the look of it, it’s such a beautiful fabric for shoes. But it’s also so impractical. It can’t get wet, it scuffs easily, basically ruined if mud gets on them. However, when I was browsing for ankle boots and saw these Rocket Dog ones, in the exact style that I’ve been wanting for months (i.e. comes up the leg but not too much of a heel) I couldn’t resist them.

I’ve worn this exact outfit three times now. Which is pretty rare for me, I’m not one to be an outfit repeater. I just love the all black, with the tint of purple on the t-shirt and my burgundy scarf to break it up. I bought this top at Bicester village All Saints, knowing full well that sleeveless tops do not suit me. But I love the print on it. It says les fantomes noir methode on it (which translates to the black ghosts/phantoms method) which just sounds like a cool band name.

The boots are more comfortable than I thought they would be. The heel is maybe 1cm or so higher than I’m used to for day-to-day wear. But I walked around Ikea in them last week for a good couple of hours and my feet didn’t fall off so I’d call that a win. It makes me feel a bit old that I have basically zero interest in wearing shoes with a high heel.

This was the first time that I convinced Lee to take photos in Hereford city centre. He hates doing outfit photos when there are people around, and I’m not a big fan of it either. We managed though, it wasn’t that busy, and I’m definitely going to be insisting on more photos around the city. There are so many nice buildings and cute streets that I think he takes for granted because he grew up there. So let me know if you like these photos so I can show him it’s worth the occasional stare from passers-by!


Scarf*  |  Jacket  |  Top  |  Belt  |  Jeans  |  Boots*  |  Bag

black suede boots outfit black suede boots outfit black suede boots outfit