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My Travel Essentials

My Travel Essentials

travel essentials

travel essentials

Travelling can be stressful so I like to make it that bit better by making sure I have my travel essentials with me. This can vary a bit depending on where I’m going but it’s more or less the same.

I’m sure everyone has their absolute must-have items for going on holiday. Mine used to be a fair bit more extensive but I’ve narrowed it down to what my essentials are and I wanted to share with you!

klean kanteen water bottle

Water bottle and snacks

I barely go anywhere without a water bottle so of course, I take it on holiday with me. Just make sure that it’s empty when you’re going through security and then you can fill it up the other side ready for your flight. There are usually water fountains at airports but if there isn’t then you can ask at one of the restaurants and they can fill it for you. On my flight to Canada, the air stewards also refilled it for me instead of me having one of those tiny plastic cups so I was able to stay nicely hydrated on the flight.

I take snacks with me even for day trips so it goes without saying that I’m going to have some travelling or whilst away. Cereal bars are my favourite thing for on the go food and I’m currently loving these Jordans Frusli ones. They come in a few different flavours and they’re all really tasty! I also really like the deluxe nut bars from Lidl – the cranberry and dark chocolate one is divine.


frends headphones flatlay


Downloadable Netflix is amazing for travelling, both for the journey and if you fancy an evening of chilling and don’t want to watch the foreign channels on TV. I usually take my iPad if I think I might want to watch some things whilst there or use my phone if it’s just for a short journey. To accompany this it’s useful to have a portable charger so you can keep watching for your whole flight without any worries, and of course, some comfortable headphones to listen with.

If it’s a long flight or if I’ll have some downtime during the holiday then I take a book as well because sometimes you just want to stop looking at a screen. I also always take my camera but I felt like that kind of goes without saying!

Another accessory that is essential is sunglasses. I’ve been trying to wear sunglasses as often as I can because I’ve realised that I squint quite often. The skin around your eyes is the most delicate so it’s worth looking after a bit more carefully.


green people travel size

Mini everything

If you’re like me and you mostly use budget airlines that charge extra for hold luggage then you probably also object to paying it. For shorter trips cabin luggage is fine for me, but obviously with this means that all your toiletries need to be under the 100ml limit. I know some people buy shampoo etc when they arrive at their destination and then leave it there to avoid this but this just seems wasteful to me and as I like to buy cruelty-free products I can’t guarantee I’d be able to find any once I got there.

These starter packs from Green People fit all the criteria so you can get your organic, cruelty-free suncream, aftersun, shower gel, shampoo and conditioner in lovely little tubes to take with you. You can get the superfood starter pack here and the holiday starter pack here.


green people travel size


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