The Dream Bedroom

The Dream Bedroom

What would your dream bedroom look like? I know you’ve thought about it. It’s hard not to with dreamy decor all over Instagram and perfectly curated rooms flooding Pinterest. As someone that spends probably 90% of their time in their room, it’s definitely something I think about. Probably on a daily basis. What would I change if I could? Where could this go, or that? How well would a neon flamingo lamp go with the rest of my decor?

For me, a lot of the struggle with decor comes from deciding between an ultra minimal, monochromatic vibe and cute, colourful trinkets. I think I’m just about starting to find the right balance. I will have a room tour video going up on my youtube channel very soon so head over and subscribe so you don’t miss it!

One thing that I’ve come to realise is an absolute necessity for me, and something that I took for granted before I lived in an attic room with one rather small window for three years, is having lots of natural light. I loved my attic room a lot, but it would have been so much better to have a VELUX skylight added in. The window wasn’t tiny but compared to the size of the room, and with the beams blocking most of the light, it made half of the room quite dark.

And of course, the other benefit of having lovely big windows is being able to see the view. This is actually another reason I love skylights, being able to see the sky whilst laying in bed is so therapeutic. My dream bedroom would have to have a lovely view from it, either some lovely countryside/landscape or high up looking over a city skyline. City lights at night are one of my favourite things.

I’d love to have a big, spacious room with light just pouring in. Ideally, I would have the bedroom as somewhere just for sleeping and relaxing, I’d keep all of my clothes and things for getting ready in the morning in a separate room and I would definitely try to keep my desk and workspace out of my bedroom.

I’ve gathered some images over on Pinterest that combined together would make something pretty close to what my dream bedroom would look like. 

pinterest dream bedroom collage

I’d love to know what your dream bedroom would look like and what kinds of interiors you’re loving right now, if you’ve got a bedroom or interiors Pinterest board then please do leave me a link in the comments, I’d love to follow!

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