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The Black Shirt Dress

The Black Shirt Dress

black shirt dress

black shirt dress black shirt dress black shirt dress black shirt dress black shirt dress black shirt dress black shirt dress

I have a confession. These photos are from a year ago. I never got round to posting them though and I still like them and this outfit (definitely going to be repeating it this summer!) so I thought I would just go ahead and make this post anyway.

We visited Bath on our way back from our trip to the Jurassic Coast, which is still one of my favourite holidays, it’s crazy to think it was a whole year ago! A few things have changed since this time last year but this shirt is still one of my favourite items in my wardrobe. I loved pairing it with leggings and boots through the winter.

Looking back at old outfits that I’ve worn can be great for getting some outfit inspiration (I have another post about fashion inspo if you want to have a read!). It often reminds me of items that I’ve neglected or combinations that I haven’t done for a while. I find summer dressing the hardest of all the seasons so when I find an outfit that I like the look of as well as it being cool and comfortable enough for hot weather, I tend to repeat it.

This summer I’ll be pairing the shirt with my Adidas trainers rather than my vans but the look is basically the same. I need to get that cap back out too, perfect for keeping the sun off my face!

I’m a big fan of all black outfits in the summer, I’ve done quite a few of them on my blog and youtube over the last couple of years!

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