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The downside of travelling: The joy of returning to a Leesa mattress | Ad

The downside of travelling: The joy of returning to a Leesa mattress | Ad

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If you follow me on Instagram then you’ve probably noticed that I recently took a trip to the Dolomites. This was my 6th trip away this year. That’s a fair few nights spent away from home. Even though I adore travelling and exploring new places, there’s nothing quite like sleeping in your own bed is there?

For me, the downside of travelling is definitely not having my own bed each night! Of course, there are some hotel beds that are incredibly comfortable and cosy but as we always travel on a budget the beds are often a little bit less than ideal. Even some fancier places that I’ve stayed haven’t had the best beds. Leaving the mattress that is never quite the right firmness behind is often the only thing I like about holidays coming to an end.

Coming home and getting into bed has been made even better since getting a Leesa mattress. This is the first time I’ve come home from a trip to the new mattress and it’s surprising how much better I’ve slept since being back. I’m more comfortable and have a better quality sleep (I use the app Sleep Cycle to track this).  

I’ve been testing out the Leesa mattress for the last month and I’ve found the science behind the structure of it really interesting. The Leesa mattress has three foam layers, including the top Avena foam layer which allows airflow to keep you cool at night. This has been a blessing for my boyfriend who frequently used to wake up in the night from being too warm. The other two layers are memory foam and support foam which adapt to each individual person for maximum comfort. What could be better?

One of my favourite things about Leesa is their ethical approach. As you know, I’ve been making changes in my lifestyle to lead a more sustainable existence. Leesa are a brand that have always measured their success by their impact on the world. If you’ve heard about Leesa then I’m sure you’re aware that they donate a mattress for every 10 that are sold (this has already reached over 30,000 donated mattresses). But as well as this, they plant a tree for every single mattress sold to help offset their carbon footprint, and every one of their mattresses is made in the UK, in Glossop to be precise. Leesa have also been awarded B-Corp status for sustainable and responsible business practice.

This makes them a pretty good brand in my eyes. And it certainly doesn’t hurt that their branding is totally my aesthetic. The grey mattress co-ordinates beautifully with our grey bedding and bed frame and isn’t too dark or bright underneath white sheets either. The grey fabric is super soft and I actually avoided putting a sheet over it at first because it feels so nice and looks so good, it’s like a soft jersey fabric which is my favourite for t-shirts too.

For me, it’s really important to balance going away on exciting trips with plenty of cosy nights in at home and having relaxing lay ins at the weekends. My boyfriend constantly makes jokes about how much time I like to spend in bed. But when it’s this comfortable and cosy, why wouldn’t you?

If you’re interested in buying a Leesa Sleep mattress then use my code TESSAHOLLY to get £100 off. They’ve also created some amazingly cosy looking pillows which I’m pretty tempted by…

What’s your favourite thing about coming home from holiday? 

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