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Let’s talk about skinny jeans

Let’s talk about skinny jeans

black skinny jeans outfit
Photos by Marie Francesca

Sometimes you just have to dress a bit like Zorro, right? I’m a bit late uploading these outfit photos, this was at the start of summer and it was the last time I wore black skinny jeans. Can you believe? The reason being, I actually split them when I was wearing them that day. Absolute heartbreak. But then the weather got really hot and I wasn’t wearing jeans anyway so I actually went a few months with no black jeans. I recently purchased a new pair but they’re not really skinny jeans (they’re the black version of the ones in this post). It’s definitely true that once you switch to straight leg jeans it’s pretty unappealing to go back to skinny. So that’s my jeans saga.

I’d actually love to know if you have a favourite pair of jeans and where they’re from. I’m so much more comfortable in my new non-skinny jeans, they’re much more flattering and they make me feel great. If you haven’t yet made the switch then let me know why! I didn’t think other jeans would suit me but I think it’s just about finding the right pair for you. That’s quite the mission in itself but so worth it! When I was looking for jeans I ordered loads of pairs from ASOS just to try on and see what I liked and didn’t like and sent back what I didn’t want. 

I got this shirt a year ago and it’s still one of my favourite things in my wardrobe. Just look at those sleeves! We took these photos on a little trip to Penarth for their food festival. I think it was back in April and was a surprisingly warm day. I have to admit I’m missing the glowy summer sunsets already with this gloomy weather we’ve been having lately. 


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