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Reusing my summer wardrobe for autumn

Reusing my summer wardrobe for autumn

Photos by Marie

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It’s only very recently that I’ve developed more of a seasonal wardrobe. Prior to that I would always wear the same dresses/skirts/shorts/jeans through the year and pair them with varying layers according to the weather. The month long heat wave we had this year prompted me to buy some more clothing that’s only really suitable for summer. This jumpsuit was one of the things I bought. I really like it so I wanted to find ways of making it more versatile. It’s a very thin fabric so it’s not the warmest but layered up with a turtle neck underneath and a coat on top it can definitely be worn through autumn. Adding a long sleeve layer underneath strappy tops and dresses is a great way to add some more warmth, and you could even wear a thermal top underneath on those extra chilly days. The layering will hide it!

Do you have a seasonal wardrobe or do you stick with versatile items only?


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